Hamid al-Din, Na'ib Wakil-i Dar

Hamid al-Din, Na'ib Wakil-i Dar
   A son of 'Umdat ul-Mulk 'Ala Dabir, he was given a high position at 'Ala al-Din Khalji's court. In 1300, on the occasion of Akat Khan's failed attempt to as-sassinate 'Ala al-Din near Tilpat, Malik Hamid al-Din advised the sultan to pursue the conspirators without delay. Hamid al-Din was amir-i kohi (price controller) in 1301, when he challenged the rebels led by Haji Maula at Delhi and overpowered them. He was one of the prominent nobles summoned by 'Ala al-Din in 1301 for consul-tations and was later made na'ib wakil-i dar. As Malik Kafur's in-fluence at the court grew during 1306-1315, Hamid al-Din and his brother 'Aziz al-Din were removed from the important positions they were holding, leading to their disappearance from the scene.

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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